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Organizations That Inspire Us

We're always looking for new organizations to support as they put in the work to help our local community. Below are a few of the traits we look for in the non-profits we sponsor.

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Our foundation's roots lie deep within the vibrant community of the Tampa Bay area. We believe in nourishing the very ecosystem that nurtures us, supporting initiatives that seek to enhance the life quality in our local neighborhoods. If you are an organization striving to make a difference within our beloved Tampa Bay, we're excited to hear from you.



Our commitment to the future means investing in our children and their families. We're drawn to organizations that share this focus: those who recognize the vast potential in every child and work tirelessly to help them realize it. If your mission involves bettering the lives of children and families, we applaud your efforts and would love to explore how we can support your work.

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We cherish grassroots organizations for their inherent ability to ignite change directly from within the community. These organizations, born from the collective spirit and determination of local individuals, truly embody the essence of local impact and change. If your organization is harnessing this potent energy to bring about positive transformation in society, we'd be eager to learn more about your endeavors.


Fiscally Responsible

We believe that fiscal responsibility is fundamental to creating lasting, sustainable change. We admire organizations that uphold the principle of stewardship, ensuring every penny is put to the best possible use for the maximum community benefit. If your charity exemplifies such fiscal diligence, we'd be thrilled to consider supporting your noble cause.

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How it Works

Our Application Process


Download and complete our grant application.


Review our application guidelines & checklist and collect all required supplemental materials.


Mail application and all supplemental materials to:

Broadrick Family Foundation

Attn: Tami Sheehan-Broadrick

19103 Merry Lane

Lutz, FL 33548

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