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Cheers for Charity 2023 Floral Illustration
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Broadrick Foundation Cheers for Charity Invitation Cover Illustration of Event Venue

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

After the past two years of challenges and struggles, it was exciting to think of a fresh start.  As we moved Cheers for Charity to an earlier date, we welcomed our guests by celebrating Springtime (and clearer skies!)

Illustrated Flowers from the Broadrick Foundation Cheers for Charity Event Stationery
Illustrated Flowers from the Broadrick Foundation Cheers for Charity Event Stationery

There are 774 , 000 children living in poverty in Florida.

60% of Hillsborough County students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Hillsborough County is the 7th largest school district in the United States.

1 in 4 children have no idea where their next meal will come from.

Every 49 minutes a child enters the foster care system in Florida.

It is estimated that 
1.3 million people in the Tampa Bay area are food insecure.  

There are
6,000 children in the foster system in the Tampa Bay area.

In 2021, there were
13,786 child abuse investigations in Hillsborough County.  There were 1,185 children removed from their homes.

 25,000 children age out of foster care every year. 10% commit suicide, 5,000 will be unemployed, 6,000 will end up homeless and 3,000 will be incarcerated within 3 years.

On any given day there are over
1.7 million homeless teenagers. Approximately 10,000 of those are in the Tampa Bay area.

The needs of our community are great and we are thankful, with your help, to partner with some of the most dedicated and committed organizations in the Tampa Bay Area. These charities aim high and accomplish astounding results. We are so grateful to all who joined us as we celebrated Spring and offered help to those who need it.

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