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A 100 point score is the way a wine is awarded the highest accolade possible and is considered a classic wine. Perfect. Far less than 1% of wines created ever achieve this designation. Great wine is even made better when you can share it with the people who you care about most.

The name, Memento Mori, is taken from an ancient Latin philosophy that reminds us of our mortality and the inevitability of death. Inspired by the serious health scares, family tragedy and times of trial the owner’s have experienced together throughout their friendship, Memento Mori is a shared mantra which the founders interpret as “Remember to Live.”

On very rare occasions, the right combination of hard work, good intentions, nature, nurture and total commitment come together to create perfection. The 2021 Memento Mori is a great example. Some of us have had the pleasure to enjoy winemaker Sam Kaplan’s mastery for many years. Sam and the rest of the Memento Mori Team are now getting the attention and praise they so well deserve.

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Memento Mori

We are honored and thrilled to offer a 6 Liter bottle of 2021 Memento Mori. Big bottles of this wine are even more rare than 100 point scores!  The ultimate special occasion bottle to celebrate a momentous life event or just to be opened for a group of people who you want to let know just how special they are to you.

Donated by Hayes and Susanna Drumright and Memento Mori

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