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As lovers of art, we wanted to create something that would symbolize what we are trying to achieve with Cheers for Charity. Last year, we commissioned an artist named Morgan Dummitt to design our masterpiece. We couldn’t be more excited to present this incredible sculpture.

In addition to being a stunning piece of art, Morgan has incorporated the symbolism of our mission. The main figure is an angel raising a glass in one hand and holding an overflowing cornucopia in the other. We believe our friends are the angels who join us to celebrate life and share their good fortune. The cornucopia represents our commitment to eliminating childhood hunger. The two dancing, carefree children are protected by their angel. One reaches for the cornucopia and the other holds up a tambourine, symbolizing the opportunities for educational and artistic development that become possible when a child’s basic needs are met.

Together the symbols represent a world where each child is safe, healthy, and loved, with abundant resources for a bright future. This is the dream of our foundation and our generous friends.

Asset 5_4x.png
Asset 6_4x.png
Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Cheers for Charity Masterpiece

We made two of these special pieces of art. Our intention is to keep one for our collection and offer the other in this auction. 

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