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Keith Leclerc and International Diamond Center are proud to introduce you to Patrizia Lingua. Patrizia has been designing high end jewelry fashions for over 30 years and her recent collection “Abbracci” comes to you from A LINK Diamonds. A LINK has been designing and manufacturing diamond jewelry for over 119 years.

Today, partnering with designers like Patrizia and manufacturing jewelers in Valenza, Italy, A LINK presents highly stylized, modern conceptions in a younger motif, the Abbracci Collection. Each piece has a commonality: the most magnificent of diamonds embraced by the “hugging” of the gold. A marriage of emotion and brilliance.

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Custom Italian Jewels

This auction item presents the winning bidder the ability to work one-on-one with Patrizia and her Abbracci collection to create a unique expression of your individuality up to $25,000.  

Donated by Keith and Peggy Leclerc

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